Winstone, which we established in November 2012, is a company that has opened its 15 years of knowledge in the pvc door and window sector to share with its valuable industry friends. With the young and dynamic structure of its founding partners, it brings together the current brands of Turkey and the world within the company.
- The main purpose has been to provide the highest benefit main the lowest cost by respecting the principled trade understanding, labor and time of its customers. Winstone Ltd. is a partner that offers endless solutions without losing its belief and excitement since the day it was founded, always strives to be a solution partner to its valued customers and will contineu to show.

Our Mission

- We do our job in the right way, properly and wholeheartedly. We give a promises, we fulfill our promises and we give the information about the results. We listen to you and focus on meet your needs for improving the quality of the service. We are improving ourselves and our colleagues, continously. We behave honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, thus building partnership based on trust.

Our Vision

To meet the current and future expactations of customers with its innovative and dynamic structure without compromissing the highest level of quality service understanding. To continously research innovations for our customers. Service to our customers and our country is indispensable.

Every customer who choses our company is important to us. Our customers’ time and labor important to us.

We ensure that our customers feel that we are always with them by protecting our products, services and commitments after sales as well as before sales.

We show the sensitvity we show product quality in service quality, we train personnel to make this situation continous.

The commercial gain and peace of mind of our customers isour gain. We know this and we do not give up our principled commercial understanding no matter what

Evren Gundogdu

Company Owner